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As my channel grows, the legalities of distributing tabs for free has became an increasing concern. I cannot legally distribute tabs without proper licensing. Selling the tabs at Musicnotes solves this issue, because Musicnotes takes care of the licensing rights required the legally distribute tabs of songs to consumers. The earnings are split towards the original artist, Musicnotes, the transcriber Tohne Deff, and myself. Even if I had wanted them to be distributed for free, I can’t, since the licensing requires me to sell them. I also need to pay Tohne, so charging any less than $8 for each tab would make me lose money.

My biggest inspirations are Tommy Emmanuel, Gareth Pearson, Andy McKee, (…)

The man behind the stunningly beautiful camerawork in my videos is Juliano Croese. He also has his own Youtube channel where he makes piano covers of songs similar to what I cover. I also film his videos. Check out his channel: youtube.com/julianocroese

My transcriber is Tohne Deff, he chooses to hide his real name for now. The reason why I have someone else transcribe my covers is because I want to create high quality content of the best of my ability, leaving me no time to transcribe my own covers.

I have not made any lessons, but my good friend Gareth Evans has his whole channel dedicated to lessons, his own videos have taught me a lot about fingerstyle guitar, and he has supported me throughout my channel growth from when I was a very small youtuber. Check out his channel: youtube.com/G0liath1012

I have a vlog channel just for documenting my travels: youtube.com/evdmofficial

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