Audio Equipment



I use small condenser pair microphones for my covers. I have used the Neumann microphone since 2016 but for those with a lower budget, I cannot recommend the Oktava mics enough. They are very good for the price.

Audio Interface

Currently, I am using the Apollo Twin to cable my microphones to the computer to record my audio. A budget option is the Scarlett 2i2, which also has a good reputation among many artists.


To mix and master my audio, I need high quality headphones. I use beyermeyer headphones paired with a Dragonfly Red amplifier since it has high impedance. I have also used Audio-Technica headphones before and can vouch for their good quality.

Microphone Stand

These stands hold my microphone in place while I record my audio. Having a telescopic boom allows you to adjust the microphone position to get it to where you want it to be during the recording.

Microphone Cables

Having a high end mic is pointless without cables and an interface to connect it to. I use 15′ cables for my audio, and have a few bundles in storage in the rare case where one of them stops working.

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