Camera Equipment



This is the camera body that is used to film my videos. It’s extremely durable; I dropped it a few times and it still works like new.


I have two lens for recording video. I use the 12-35mm lens for distance shots and the 42.5mm lens for close-ups. Both lens are made specifically for the Lumix, so they have great synergy with the camera.


These drones record from places that are difficult to record from, such as the sky and above bodies of water. I use the Mavic for most shots and the Mavic 2 Pro for farther scenery shots.


This gimbal stabilizer to holds my camera to stabilize the footage while filming. It really helps Juliano film because of how much both of us move around in the videos.


Filming alone with a tripod isn’t something I do very often now. However, when I do, this tall, sturdy and light tripod has done the job very well.

ND Filters

These filters act as camera sunglasses and darken the footage to allow for longer shutter speeds. I have one for each lens. 

SD Card

It’s nice to have a big SD card to store the footage. I need 256GB for my footage since I always shoot in 4k.

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