Guitar Accessories



I always get the question, “what are those around your thumb?” They are thumbpicks. You can also use a file and nail clippers to shape them in a way that fits your playing. I always used medium sized dunlop thumbpicks.


I mainly use light guage 80/20 Bronze strings, but there are times when I have used Phosphor Bronze. 80/20 = Bright, Phosphor = Warm. They last for a very long time and sound great throughout their lifetime.

Guitar Case

I take this trustworthy case/bag where ever I go. It’s got a ton of padding to protect the guitar from accidental bumps and has saved my guitars quite a few times. I highly recommend this case to anyone who has an expensive guitar they want to protect on travels.

Cleaning Tool

I’ve had one of these things for so many years. Its a microfiber stick with a brush on the end. You use it to get the grime off the underside of your strings and clean dirt off hard-to-reach areas. It’s really convenient and I recommend each guitarist have one.


This is my go-to capo. It has a special squeeze mechanism to tighten it’s grip, and a lever to loosen the grip. It’s also helpful for keeping the guitar in tune. I got them in various colors, but currently they only sell in silver, gold, and black.


I used this in one recording, and that is “Despair” from my Naruto Album (available on spotify and apple music!) It’s an electronic device that acts similar to a violin bow, bowing your guitar string.


If you have many guitars, or just a single one that you use very often, it helps to have a stand or a rack nearby so you don’t have to stick it in your case each time. Personally, I use these this rack:


I don’t use a tuner anymore, but when I did, this one came in handy a lot. It’s cheap, lightweight and reliable.

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