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songbird 5a


The best sounding guitar I own. The tone is clean and it has a comfortable neck and body shape. Use my discount code “EVDM” to get 5% off any Avian Guitar.


cwg-23s rosewood


My most comfortable and favorite all-purpose guitar. Ever since I bought it, I’ve been using it as my main practice guitar.


black ice ws1000n2


One of my more visually appealing guitars. Being made out of carbon fiber, it’s light, loud and is indestructable compared to wood guitars.




The best guitar I own. It excels at every aspect, but it’s also so well-made and valuable that I’m usually afraid of taking it outside to record videos.




My oldest, most nostalgic guitar. I played this guitar in my early and pre-youtube years, when I first discovered Tommy Emmanuel’s works.


evdm signature

baton rouge

My signature model from Baton Rouge guitars. I like this guitar the most out of all the guitars I’ve received from Baton Rouge.


baton rouge

My other signature model from Baton Rouge guitars. It is comfortable to use, has a nice appearance and a decent tone.

x4s/gace fabulous

baton rouge

I’ve seldom used this guitar, but it is a good pick. The red stripes and soundhole rosette gives it the unique appearance.

smokey hybrid smh


This guitar is a warmer, mellower version of the Rainsong Black Ice model. As a carbon fiber guitar, it’s lightweight, loud and very, very durable.