Privacy Policy

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Third Party Analytics

We use Google Analytics with the “Anonymize IP” option enabled. We use it with the intention of being able to view how many visitors the site gets each day. It does implement a cookie onto your device, but we let the site visitors know that we are using cookies. To get rid of the cookies that this site gives you, check our cookie policy:

We do not collect identifying user data from Google Analytics, but if you want, you can get an extension for your browser to opt out of Google Analytics here

Collection of personal data

We don’t store data. This website does not record IP addresses of visitors, nor does it serve any identifying cookies to the visitors’ devices.

User submitted data

We do collect user submitted data from forms. These are completely optional.

Usage of cookies

This site utilizes a short lasting first-party cookie which allows the user to continue their browsing session from where they left off. A banner is shown for every new visitor that visits the site. If, for some reason, you were to try to login to this website, a cookie will be placed on your device to limit the number of times you attempt to login. The only person who should be logging into this site is the webmaster. But if you do manage to get this cookie, you can delete it by clearing cookies in your browser settings. See our cookie policy here:

Why we don't collect your data

We believe your privacy is at the utmost importance. Not collecting personal data means that none of your data will ever be leaked and stolen if a security breach within the site ever occurs.

Search queries

There is only one searchbar on the site, and it is located at That searchbar’s only function is to filter results in that list using javascript. None of your search queries are logged and saved.

GDPR Compliance

For EU users: This site complies with the GDPR. We don’t collect and store your personal data and information anywhere. Even if you ask us to delete your data, we physically cannot because we don’t have your data stored in the first place. The only thing that’s ever stored is a cookie from our site, onto your computer to improve browsing experience. This cookie can be removed by clearing your browser’s cookies.

Changes to Privacy Policy

It is very unlikely that this privacy policy will change. If it does, the webmaster will put a visible notice on the top of all pages on the site for 3 days.